Food for Thought


I swear, I need more musically inclined people in my life (or more bluntly, y’all some musical ignorant fucks)

I’m just kidding about the parenthesis!  It’s just a way to get your attention!

Whenever I post something about aspects of my music life, it barely gets any recognition (likes, reblogs, replies).  At first glance, it may seem like I’m craving for the number of notes I get on each post (partially true), but I generally use it as a way to keep track on who’s keeping up with one of the most important aspects of my being.

It’s pretty depressing how the majority of the Tumblr folks on here can’t appreciate, or even sit down and listen to great music that, believe it or not, is the source of what you kids listen to nowadays (dubstep, electronica, hip-hop, pop,  rnb, etc etc).  

No wait.  This aspect goes beyond the barriers of Tumblr.  Just people in general that I casual hang out with that are not my colleagues in college.  Whenever I drive people around, 95% of the time, they change the channel to “102.7” KIIS FM, in which in SoCal, that’s the mainstream station for all things trendy.  Sure there are some good modern hits here and there, but it really pisses me off when the people in my car yell “CHANGE THE STATION!” whenever I put on my Jazz, Classical, or Old-School Stations.  First of all, it’s my damn car, and I’m in control of my radio, unless I’m actually craving to hear some trendy things.  The thought that processes through my head whenever I hear that comment is “holy shit you’re musically close-minded.  Calm your shit and actually listen!”  

Now don’t get me wrong, I listen to a whole lot of things, including all the mainstream (mainly because of my sisters), but I prefer listening to something that engages my mind, rather than escape the moment.  If I’m with my close friends however, that musical mindset simmers down completely.

So the next time you hear a song that’s out of your musical genre range, don’t change the channel or song, and actually LISTEN!  You’ll be surprised in what you find.